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Another roundup of the big social media stories this week, starting with

Mercedes Benz Tweet Race Case Study
Quick set of results from Mercedes Benz’s recent ‘Tweet Race’ campaign on the Digital Buzz blog

The Tweet Race  was an innovative way to get engagement around  new Mercedes Benz models. A race was started between several famous ‘coaches’ in Mercedes cars. The cars were powered by postive tweets and Facebook comments. The more tweets, the better the car’s performance. If you missed it first time around, check out the videos here.

From the figures Digital Buzz have acquired, it looks like it was a storming success!

Infographic on the real cost of social media
A fantastically useful infographic has just been released which goes into detail on the cost of social media. Rammed with useful stats and insight, it really is worth a look. Did you know that 85% of marketing executives feel that customer engagement is the main benefit of a social media strategy? Or that less than half feel it’s useful for brand building?

BTW, if you want more stats around social media - including team size, budgetary growth and expected future plans, check out our State of Corporate Social Media 2011 briefing.

Toyota owners to get an exclusive social network to call their own
The Japanese car giant has decided to go it alone and create an exclusive social network for owners of Toyota cars.

Rather bizarrely called “Toyota Friend”, the network will  primarily be private, but can be ‘expanded’ through to Facebook and Twitter to increase impact.

It’s a surprising move when other ‘exclusive’ networks have floundered - why Toyota have decided to step away from the huge power of Facebook and Twitter recognition is beyond me. But considering they’re investing $5.4m in the project, one would assume they have this well planned out.

Twitter forces a bust-up between Parliament and the judiciary in the UK
The ‘super-injunction’ crisis in the UK came to a head this week, with the naming of a well-known footballer accused of infidelity. MP John Hemming revealed the footballers alleged identity in Parliament and as such is not at risk of prosecution for breaching the injunction.

However, he did so after thousands of people on Twitter identified the footballer on their own accounts. Plenty of people - including the Prime Minister - now concede the law must change in the wake of social media’s rise.

B2B social media need to stand up and be counted
An opinion piece from our very own Will Taylor on the discrepancy in quality and frequency of b2b social media campaigns compared to b2c versions.
It’s an interesting take, and well timed - we’ve just launched our B2B Corporate Social Media Summit. If you work for a b2b business and want to leverage social media, then it’s worth checking out.

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