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Interesting developments going on in many different areas this week. Old beats new at Old Spice whilst customer relationship management gets a facelift through social, and gamification flexes its muscles. Read on, and as always we love hearing from you so comment away!

Old Spice beats New Spice

Relief all round as the results of the Old Spice Guy Competition are in. Last week we were keeping a concerned eye on the heated internet battle between our original hunk Mustafa and his would be usurper Fabio. After hundreds of videos, responses to fans tweets and some brilliant creative dialogue Old Spice have recrowned Isaiah Mustafa as their most popular brand man. The question now of course is what will Old Spice do next? Will this video based campaign remain enough to satisfy audiences or will it need to modernise?

Foursquare and Groupon Unite for Real Time Deals

It looks like Foursquare have finally allowed Groupon to share a slice of success, adding them as the 6th daily deals partner in the US and Canada. Rumours are about that Groupon are attempting to take over Foursquare which might have explained the absence, anyone have any nuggets of information to share on this? Are they better as separate entities or using their combined weight in the market?

How far will Gamification go?

Great article that will get you up to speed on the ins and outs of gamification. Although this is a word we are hearing a lot at the moment, this dissection of the concept from the Buzzword Breakdown Series really gets to the heart of the issue asking the pertinent questions and presenting us with the latests ventures.

The crux comes from two main questions. Firstly can everyday/boring tasks become attractive through the incentivised and engaging nature of gamification? Secondly how much scope has this trend got to expand, does it have a limit? Of particular interest is the Volkswagen Fun Theory contest which incentivises driver not to speed.  Also the gamification experiences for cancer patients regarding drug prescriptions and chemotherapy. The author also lists some of the favourite enagement apps that followers are keen on and looks at what the younger generation really respond to in marketing.

Thumbs up for consistently informative articles from this series.

Volkswagen Augmented Reality App

For a truly interactive and detailed experience, Volkswagen are the ones to watch as they relaunch their Cabiolet model.By downloading the app, viewers get up close and personal with all the design features of the car both inside and out.  This is a good model for any corporates needing to bring their customers closer to the showroom and wanting that little bit extra to wow them. See here for the video.

Social Customer Relationship Management

An intriguing post from Mashable about the future of the CRM domain and the way that social fits in. See here to explore how some companies are using their network pages to acheive the best results in marketing and bring together the essential elements of the perfect customer corporate relationship.