Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well. Well the summer is most definitely underway, lots of high energy creativity bouncing around.  We bring to you a selection of the most ingenious and effective social campaigns that caught our eye. Enjoy and please do in get touch, we love hearing from you.

Intel Museum of Me

This is well worth a visit if only for a bit of visual self indulgence. Intel have come up with a campaign which turns the imagery of your social space into a virtual art gallery. By allowing Intel to access your Facebook page, users are presented with an exhibition of 'You'. Set to elegant piano music, images of friends and family appear as you are taken on a tour of all that you connect to on Facebook. It is slightly unnerving to see all your information so easily uploaded somewhere other than Facebook, which does raise questions of privacy. Overall however this is a very artistic and original idea, check it out here!

Snooth Wine Social Experience

Great article from Mashable alerting us to Snooth Wine's latest venture into social interaction for grape fans. The new 'Wine Rack' function invites users to review, learn and explore the wines they taste. It is an extremely user friendly site that builds knowledge, shares opinion and encourages a sense of Snooth community. For anyone interested in wine it's a must, for anyone looking to engage with visitors on their website it could serve as a very useful starting point. Enjoy!

JetBlue Social Media Strategy

This relatively new airline are providing a comprehensive case study for anyone interested in building a social media strategy around their product. Well known as the leaders of social media in their industry, this digital brand directs visitors to Twitter, operates around the hub jetblue.com and their Vice President of Marketing focuses on the unique one to one relationship that can be established through this medium. See here to read the article on their path to social domination.

McDonald's Interactive 'Pick NPlay'

Read here to learn all about how McDonald's got people playing games to win treats in Stockholm via their smartphones. Cleverly avoiding the need to download any apps, people just had to log in to the website and compete on large interactive billboards. Winners received coupons to their phones which then translated into food at the McDonald's restaurants. Simple, visual and incentivised. We like. Plus it definitely reduces the guilt factor if you have won your burger and fries, you earned it!

The importance of ROI for you!

We all know measuring social media impact and ROI are two of the big bugbears in the industry today. This has fuelled our desire to produce a report that will help crystallise some of the much-debated issues on the subject – set to be published this summer. As part of the report, we have put together a quick survey of marketing professionals' approaches to measuring social media impact and ROI. In a fast-moving market characterised by big ambitions and (inevitably) some hype, we'd like to establish what's really happening. Your help will be much appreciated. And as a thank-you, everyone who completes the survey will receive some selected findings from the report prior to publication. Please click here to complete the 5 minute survey.