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Welcome back to our weekly posts on the most up to date social media campaigns for business. Check out the below for tips, surprises and inventive ideas from big brands everywhere. Our selection this week just proves that any company can get involved with a bit of careful planning and some creative thought. Happy reading!

Coca-Cola creates Recycling King via Facebook Places

Just to prove that not every check in campaign has to be loaded with rewards, points or cash back incentives, we bring you Coca-Cola Israel and their check in campaign to raise the profile of recycling. By adding 10,000 check in recycling points around the whole country, people were encouraged to check in and share their 'recycling moment'. The only thing they competed for was to be crowned 'Recycling King'. Dubious on the glamour stakes but a surprisingly effective campaign and an effort by a global giant to be responsible.

Twitter for business

If you are unsure of how exactly to use Twitter for corporate marketing, this article is a must read. Mashable explain how Twitter are exploring the business advertising world whilst stubbornly sticking to their policy of 'no banner ads'. OK then, so what ad formats exactly are we to see? If you want to take advantage of Promoted Tweets,  Trends, and Accounts see here.  Up to date announcements or events are the most effective but not the only ways to grab attention so be inventive.

Are Men better networkers than Women?

'Fraid so. According to a recent study by the LinkedIn analytics team, men come out victorious when it comes to networking. Not however for every industry. For example, men were better connected in the medical and law enforcement industries but women surpassed them in 'ranching' and international trade. Oh right. For a better look at this report see here. Bit odd but useful nonetheless?

PS: What is 'ranching'?

The science of social timing

We love articles that give us the nitty gritty, the spot on advice on how to use social media to its full potential. Here we have an article about Twitter and Facebook, when to tweet, what to post, how it differs across the US. Infographics galore, graphs, summaries. We like.

MINI MAPS; Google maps racing Advergame

A seriously fun ad campaign through gaming by MINI. By linking up with Google maps, the car company ask users to design their very own virtual Mini and then race friends all over the globe using satellite maps.  High energy, international and original. Check it out and see how many global pile ups you can cause!

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